Template of interview in journalism

  • 02.11.2023
  • Blog Post

Template of interview in journalism

Some magazines and websites publish monthly or weekly interviews using always the same questions. This type of interview with a template allows the readers to compare the answers given by each person interviewed.

Advantage for the media

This template interview is often liked by the readers and very easy to replicate. On Publinetis.com, our CRM/SaaS for interviews, you can easily store and duplicate any interviews with our special feature.

Choice of questions

If you chose to launch a template interview, be careful to take some time to think of all possible questions in your industry. You might perhaps in the future duplicate your interview tens or hundreds of times. Therefore if you really want a perfect template of questions in all your interviews you probably need to take some weeks of preparation to have the perfect list of questions.


A Swiss business monthly magazine in French named PME Magazine (see an example there) publishes each monthn in the print on the last page and online edition a template interview. The media asks entrepreneurs, politicians, artists and other famous people always the same 15 questions. Some questions are for example (translated from French): “What was your dream job as a child?”, “What is your idea of happiness?”).
The American website SEOJobs,com publishes regularly interviews with experts of SEO. They also use an interview template. Some questions are “Please introduce yourself” or “Can you share with us how you entered the SEO industry?”. With this method, you can save lots of time in the preparation of questions and scale easily your content.

February 12, 2023. Xavier Gruffat (founder of Publinetis.com).